Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Poem For A Friend


Yvette… Is Intense
As far as the world goes she is like a globe
Two continents for imagination, a continent for blackness, an ocean for charisma
A mountain for faith, a desert for secret fears
Yvette… Is a Hybrid
Fusion of sentiments, an anthology of colorful words,
A cross breed of grace and magnificence, the host of the future
Yvette… Is Painful
Stinging like salt water on whip-slash, brutal like heartbreak, wounded hands
A monument that rises above the remnant of the flames is Yvette
Yvette… Is Joy
As far as the seasons go she is late spring
Two flowers for innocence and love, a raindrop to wash off the dirt, uncover the earth,
She is like dew; she is something new
She is the monarch of butterflies, Yvette is powerful... and I kind of like the girl.

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