Thursday, November 11, 2010

Broken Down

He beat her
With sticks and stones with talk with thought manipulation
He beat her senseless day and night
Jaded and humiliated by life since childhood he buried all his problems until he found someone
Then he thought let me make my pent-up hate and all the ugly that has been done to me into a baseball bat
The heaviness of the past is creeping into my soul and frankly it has to go
So he beat her
With sticks and stones with talk with thought manipulation
And he was in love with everything she represented
She was his godliness, his purity, his light in the darkness
And that she loved him,
That she stayed and loved him, meant he was something worthy of an angel's grief
That she was hurt more for him than for her when he beat her senseless day and night
Meant he was not necessarily to blame
And so to the world she was his trophy and to him
She had a trophy in him because after all, she stayed
He was so high and so low all the time because everything was broken inside
And she took his confusion for complexity and his desperation for love so she figured she'd stay to figure him out
She would figure him out and save him
She hid redemption from him by offering hers
His sticks and stones his talk his thought manipulation
She didn't need all that to be beaten, she had struck her own self down by assuming the role of the Savior
Is it not written that His role was to die?
Save him she must but save him she couldn't because she herself was speckled in flaws
A generous, but impure sacrifice
And it never occurred to her that maybe she couldn't carry his burdens if she needed someone to carry hers
And even though she had decided to be immortal she was still just a young woman with a growing mind
So with each stick and each stone her mind was wounded and deformed
Into thinking that maybe she was a little less
And when she began to see how dark he really was
She began to think that if darkness would beat her senseless day and night then she must be much much less
And he saw that he was destroying his light but he couldn't stop.
Because maybe they could finally be on the same level - She in her purity, and him just like her!
He was in love with everything that she represented
And she had a severe case of savior-complex
And so they beat each other with shards of broken love
They beat each other senseless
Day and Night

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