Friday, November 12, 2010

My Friend's Poem for my 20th Birthday :)

I love you O!
And thats fo sho!
You make me smile,
for quite a while!
When I'm with you,
I'm no longer blue!
I just want to say,
That its YOUR DAY!
You're cooler than a opossum,
Even one that's awesome.
Your hair is rockin'
And I am sch'rock'in!
I love your voice,
Don't gotta choice.
The internet and you
Have something true.
Born on the same day,
No stinkin' way!
OMONSE (*my voice) dear,
When you are near,
I get very happy,
Not trying to be sappy.
G and Doughnut,
Yes we own it!
When you do your thing,
You make me want to sing!
So that's the end!
You're my crazy awesome friend! - GABRI

Lol, I love this girl!

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