Friday, December 24, 2010

Its Christmas Time in the City

MERRY CHRISTMAS. Unto us a child is born, a Son is given to redeem us from the wages of sin and give us abundant life! Woopie!!!

So two nights ago, I got an idea for a poem that has nothing to do with the season. I've been slacking on writing it, but I'm gonna make it my Christmas gift to myself. Enjoy:

Philippians 1:6

I am not an easy read
A compilation of short stories
A semi-predictable, semi-suspenseful tale in chronological order 
Light reading
For beginner and intermediate level readers 
Or a part-time hobby
I am a Time magazine type bestseller
A New York Post 5-star rated type work of art
I am for the ones who cherish relics
The ones who see such literature and marvel and
The ones who cannot put a masterpiece down until they have soaked in
Cover to cover and 
Written enough notes to fill seven volumes
I am not an easy read
So if you look at the back cover you will not understand anything inside me
Truly, there is nothing worth knowing that the title gives away
Such a book needs to be re-re-read 
And such pages need delicate handling because their readers 
Will know that this book needs to be kept forever for children's grandchildren to ponder
Not on the top of a shelf but beside a bedside lamp 
An entrepreneur's paperwork and a lawyer's briefs
On a coffee table
On a painter's canvas 
On the boat mast in the middle of the Atlantic
And if mastery is unintended, it might as well not be picked up
If you do not understand the book as a whole
How can you possibly understand any segments of it?
I am not uncomplicated by any means 
There is strategy and specificity to mind-boggling levels in my inscribing
And there is no telling what you will see if your eyes are opened

But if you know anything at all about art forms,
You know that you can never fully understand the work
Without first getting intimately acquainted with her Author.