Monday, February 7, 2011

Knowing that rape has it's flaws...

Let me start off by explaining myself. I don't like to write about things like rape. I think it's very stressful and brings up the most un-fun of thoughts. That being said, this past weekend, I started writing a poem about rape. By the time I was done, I took my time thinking about how I could justify it : It came to my mind and I had to put it on paper. Enjoy..?

                      Midnight Robbery

"Not me, not to me, you can't..."
These were the only syllables that could be picked up as
I shook my head violently from side to side
Not a scream or a cry
But a faint whimper, drawn out 
Eyes tight shut and tear-less, throat as dry as the Kalahari in June
Hands clasping the dry wringing ropes
Scratching non-strategically at everything near
I bit my bottom lip as the three salty "no" tears 
finally fell at an angle
Please... at least sixty times I must have said it
When he slapped me across the face
And I leaned my face forward to
Hold on to his hand longer
Anything to get through to him
That I was a person
That I was scared and had a future 
That he was very close to ruining
That he should find some other unfortunate young girl
One who hadn't been waiting 
"Please, you don't... how much... will hurt me
I... after... they... never really love again
I... I don't want to be jaded"
The stupidity of the words left a sick humor as they escaped me
He looked at me in my self-pity
Differently for a few seconds, "yow lu la jott?"*
The stupidity of the words left him slightly embarrassed as he spat them at me
Maybe it won't be so bad, I thought, if I just mentally prepare myself... 
Immediately disgusted I began to cry bitterly
And immediately I lost his attention
I was the typical victim again
And the ugliness re-appeared in his face as he fastened the wringing dry ropes around my wrists
And threw my already victimized body onto the brown carpet rug
With the pretty tassels.

* Translates: what is the matter with you?

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