Thursday, March 10, 2011

What Can I DO?

This Christian walk is very interesting. 

Its not necessarily easy or hard, its an equal mix and balance of the two. There's always more insight, always more of the glory of God to be revealed, always more principles to pick up, always new edges to be sharpened, always new areas to be humbled and broken in. Its an adventure... a unique, multi-dimensioned adventure. 

This may sound stressful - the thought of never getting it and always having new questions. But God is not practical in the same way we are, and His ways aren't either. The truth is, with each new level of faith where it seems like we are back to square one, learning all over again, comes great grace and great hope. We are once again dependent on God to show us, teach us, take us, help us through things. And when we are dependent, we get to see His power all the more clearly. 

My most recent eye-opening experience came early this week at a mission conference. I talked to some men and women that had STORIES. I mean, ridiculous and unheard of experiences. So I'm thinking to myself, wow, one day I might be doing something like that. By the end of the conference, that statement had been altered from "one day" to "today". 
It's scary - setting your hands to do any sort of work for a perfectly holy God knowing all our flaws. But it was revealed to me (God really does open our eyes to see, even the things that should be obvious) that I will never be perfect, but true Salvation is a work in progress. So I may not be fully equipped to jump from country to country preaching the word and laying hands on people, but I will never really be fully equipped in myself anyway. Thank God! Why - because, that makes me weak, which means I can depend on His great and over-equipped ability to work through me. If what I'm "working with" is not my strength, but His, then we're beyond good to go. 

Furthermore, there are things that I am equipped with. I know that God loves me, I have been given talents, I have had the privilege of being a part of the family of God, I have brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers to help me - there are many people around me that don't have these things. How better to prepare for a future of pouring into others, than to pour out right now? So there is work to be done. As always. 

Even when we are not quite ready for what we feel called to do for the rest of our lives, or even for something big, we are ready to do something - however little. Now we have to remember, its easy to get stuck in the rut of talking about action without actually doing anything. We get excited about something and start doing the first thing we can about it - talking. And it's so much fun, so exciting, we're gonna do something great! We go through the dynamics, we blog about it, how is it going to play through, what needs to happen for it to work? And that's fine - you have to have some sort of thought-through plan of action sometimes. But then we just keep talking, and trying to analyze all angles... heading down the path to the Death of An Idea.

I've realized (through the wisdom of my friends) that the best way to really know how something is going to work is to try it. And we are not without hope like those in the world, we are not just relying on the odds to be in our favor. In the world, not knowing the possible outcomes brings fear, but in the Kingdom of God, what we don't know will be revealed to us in the right time. God is faithful. We trust Him to be with us in the doing of His will and to make all things beautiful. He is all we need. So, for me, no more excuses, its time to get busy.

The Stereotype

Always the same approach
Over-sophisticated, semi-poetic brother
Brain-dead from over-analyzing crumpled almost-ideas
Hands in pockets, clinging to undeveloped dreams
Overall a rough draft; dressed in shallow intellect
Say he wanna poetically holla at an ebony princess
Because (big smile) the way he sees it,
She-poets and he-poets belong together.
Polite smile, each corner arched with mild humor and the disappointment of yet another beautiful evening spilled into the ocean.
I’m married (straight-faced)
To my thoughts (muttered under my breath to balance lady justice’s tipped scales)
But no worry (something to sweeten the stupid shock of sadness)
You’re out my league anyway,
In fact if you look closely at me
You’ll see - I’m not really ebony.