Thursday, October 6, 2011

Love Letter (A Poem)

I sent you a letter in the mail.
Posted that is - two days ago
I know you'll send me one back soon
And your words will be like gold dust - unbearably radiant yet as fleeting as the wind
But you'll get another from me.
And we'll continue to reciprocate cliches and allow ourselves meaningless flatteries
We'll exchange I (can't possibly) love yous And I miss (being honest) with yous
Until one of us gets bored or afraid of boredom from the other or both
And because we thought we'd alchemized confusion into love 
Reality will be our heartbreak.
But we'll remember the thrill and find worth in the pain somehow
Because it will be so much harder to be honest about why we so easily destroyed ourselves
So we'll vodka away our sorrows
Tell ourselves that the pain is not a signal from our bleeding hearts begging us to stop 
But just a part of life
And we'll cry on the shoulders of the vultures who get to us the fastest 
Becuase self-pity is how everyone else copes these days.

      Love you, miss you
              - Sadie(st)
Unknown Object

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