Monday, January 14, 2013

YHWH (Short poem at midnight)

Who can come into Your Presence?
Yet we thirst after you like a desert
For You are like the spring rain
Like a new day
You are a radiant Sun
And out of Your hand Your people are satisfied
Your Word is our only deliverance
Your eyes light torches of fire in the souls of men
And by the breath of Your mouth we kiss Life
Most Holy God
Who can compare with You?


  1. Yes, Who can campare with you
    The alpha and Omega
    You who knew me before I was ever concieved
    And choose me, called me
    Out of the many multitudes
    Yes, You called me yours
    And made me new
    A light shinning through the darkness
    Caused me to blaze a trail
    Of redemption and salvation and boundless,
    Boundless, endless love
    Your love
    Who can compare to your majesty?

  2. Your words just pulled that out of me. Thank You